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Uncle Peter was recounting the tales back in 1963 whilst he was studying in Melbourne when he found out I graduated from there too. I asked how come he didn't stay on and unsurprisingly 'Lucy' (and of course his parents) was his response. Deciding to settle in Singapore, they bore and raise their two children Alvin and Linda locally until it was time for University studies.

Alvin went off to the Ohio, United States to study. He met Hsin at her father's Chinese restaurant and I guess the rest is history. Currently residing in Cincinatti, I'm pretty sure it's Hsin, his beautiful fiancé who kept and is still keeping him there. History has an uncanny scent.

Linda on the other pursued her degree locally in NUS but won a scholarship to do a short stint in Stanford. The Ivy league sparks must've have gone off as she eventually married Ryan of MIT whom she met at a Harvard Uni social event. Playing the good wife, Linda moved to Boston with her man where she currently resides.

Christmas is always a time where everyone gets back together (finally) and a holiday to Kuala Lumpur seemed like a pretty good idea to extend the merriness. Every holiday needs some holiday activity so Linda decided for all to do some family photos. Thus I present to you the results of our, rather grandiose holiday snaps.

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