Vibrant Memories. Excellent Service.
I like to keep things simple and I take the same approach to my photography:
  • I love vibrant photos. I try to capture the event as it is. I keep funky post processing to a minimum as I believe in preserving memories of the day in vivid colour (literally). Just take a browse through my portfolio and you will know what I mean.
  • I work well with people. I'd like to engage with you and find out your stories prior. I believe when rapport is established, resulting photos are 100 times better even though interaction with you on the day itself may be minimal.
  • I strive to provide exceptional service. I personally edit every single one of the photos that get delivered to you. If I'm not too busy you may get a glimpse of them in as little as 3 days. At worst, in a week. I hate waiting in anticipation and I think you do too. Read some of my testimonials

Behind the Lens [the Long Story]
When I initially started photographing with my entry level Canon DSLR, people would often asked me if I was a photographer. My answer was often Maybe. The reason was because I always thought that this title is only reserved for people with bulky camera equipment whereas I was just an amateurish beginner. Terms such as leading lines and rule of thirds were foreign to me; I just shot and framed things in whatever way looked good to my eye. Though I admit that now I am one of those with huge, conspicuous shutterboxes, I still retain the same approach to photography. With the help of my best buddy Google, I have been and am still continuously learning and getting inspired by many great visual artists out there. Photography to me is an art and I am constantly refining my skills to create a style of photography that is uniquely evident in every photo that I capture.

In addition to photography I enjoy travelling (I've backpacked/lived across 5 continents) and confusing people with my language prowess (I can speak 5 languages - English, Malay, Chinese, Russian, Spanish). I have an awesome view of Kuala Lumpur from my place - something I constantly boast about to my couchsurfers who stay with me. I play water polo to keep my waistline manageable and I crack lame jokes to keep my friends/family on their toes.